Opening Hours


Welcome you to our recently opened shop and cafe, based right here on the farm. We're currently open on weekdays, but don't worry, weekend openings are planned to start soon.

What's on offer? Well, where do we start... Our shop showcases organic and biodynamic produce and is designed so you can pop in and pick up your organic meat (which is what you'll know us for) and while here you can pick up most things needed to put together a delicious meal. We have lots of dry goods, as well as wine, beer, cider, soups, broth, herbs and spices, gin, tonic, vodka, charcuterie, cheese and snacks. We're currently collating a 'wild larder' of things we have foraged and picked on and around the farm. We've preserved them, fermented them, pickled them or poured something a little boozy over them and, in the first instance, they're here for you to have a try. In the coming months, there'll be plenty of jars for you to buy. We make small-batch beer in our shop too, just 50 or 60 bottles at a time. It's a true craft taste – if you're quick enough to get your hands on a bottle!

As you push open the shop door, you'll smell the tempting aroma of our organic coffee. So if you're looking for somewhere to pop in and relax over a delicious drink, want to grab a snack on the go, or need a space to work or have a meeting – we look forward to welcoming you in.