Coombe Farm Organic Wholesale

Our Organic Salmon and Sustainably Caught Fish

Here in the West Country we’re doubly blessed. We have lush pasture where we can rear healthy, happy livestock, and we’re surrounded by a productive coastline that’s teeming with an abundance of fish species. To complement our range of meat and poultry, we’ve selected a range of fish products that uphold our quality, welfare and sustainability standards.

Coombe Farm organic salmon comes from an organic fishery in Northern Ireland. These top-quality salmon are farmed in the cold, clean waters of the Irish Sea, with its fast-flowing coastal currents. Swimming against these currents produces well-muscled, powerful fish, packed with flavour and beautifully textured. And working under organic regulations means the farmers are attentive to the welfare of the fish at all stages of their life cycle. They’re also guided by the sustainability of the fishery and the long-term impact their activities can have on the surrounding environment.

Alongside salmon, we offer sustainably caught fish, sourced from the renowned Brixham Market on the south coast of Devon. The boats that land their catch at Brixham are mainly day boats, fishing for small catches in the cold waters of Lyme Bay and beyond. It’s not possible to designate sea-caught fish as organic, so we choose fish that are caught following regulations of sustainability and which appear on the sustainable fish list. This involves fishing with large-holed nets that let immature fish escape, so reducing unnecessary wastage. Brixham is just 90 minutes from Coombe Farm, so we can be assured that the fish we buy at the early morning auction is always fresh, seasonal and in peak condition.