Organic Retired Dairy Beef

We’ve been farming organically at Coombe Farm for almost 20 years now. But before beef and other meat, we had a focus on dairy. We still provide millions of litres of organic milk to market every year. As a diverse farm with sustainability at its core, we have been following the increase in demand for "Basque Beef" with great interest. Farmers in Spanish regions are producing award winning beef from ex-dairy cattle, retired on Basque Cider House land until they're up to 15 years old. The beef has huge, long lasting flavour and wonderful marbling. So we’re taking a retired Friesian cow from our organic dairy herd, that has been able to continue grazing on our organic pastures. We’ll produce some incredible tasting beef, hung for 25 days, for our customers to enjoy, whilst making the most of our entire organic system here at Coombe Farm Organic.