Organic Turkey

At Coombe Farm Organic, we only sell Bronze turkeys. Why? Because they’re the best! A traditional, old-fashioned breed, Bronzes fell out of favour when intensive turkey farms found that Whites grew more quickly and to vaster sizes. But we’re not after fast growth and huge size. We’re after a delicious eating experience and that’s what the Bronze delivers. Our turkeys grow slowly on organic grass and simple cereals and have the freedom to roam, resulting in strong bones and well-flavoured meat. 

Whether you're looking for a Christmas spectacle with a whole birds, want the convenience of a turkey crowns or prefer the simplicity of boneless breast, we have something to suit every festive feast. We also think it’s a shame to confine lean and good-for-you turkey just to Christmas. So we take any extra birds available from our poultry farmer to produce tasty and nutritious turkey steaks, mince, sausages and burgers throughout the year.

Smoked Turkey Smoked Turkey
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Organic Whole Fresh Turkey Organic Whole Fresh Turkey
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Organic Whole Turkey - FROZEN Organic Whole Turkey - FROZEN
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Organic Turkey Legs Organic Turkey Legs
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Organic Turkey Breast Organic Turkey Breast
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Turkey Sausages Turkey Sausages
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Turkey Burgers Turkey Burgers
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