Monkfish Bones

For knock-out stocks and flavour-packed broths

The powerful skeleton of a monkfish and the crustacean-like flavour of its meat make monkfish bones the perfect place to start when making homemade fish stock. Gentle cooking will result in a deeply flavoursome broth that will bring character and an extra dimension to all of your fish dishes. Frugal cooks are accustomed to making stock from chicken carcasses and meat bones, so take the same approach with fish and you'll soon appreciate the difference it makes. Stock cubes – who needs them?

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Monkfish Bones (Approx 525g)

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Sustainability is a crucial element of the way we work at Coombe Farm Organic. That means we make use of every part of every carcass – right down to the bones. If you care about what you eat, making your own stock is an easy way to be certain about what's going into your dishes, letting you control additives, preservatives and salt content. It's also a good way to eke out every last bit of nutrition from your food. Fish bones contain essential omega-3 fatty acids, as well as an impressive array of vitamins and minerals, from vitamin A to zinc.

For the purest of the pure fish stock, add the monkfish bones to a pan, add enough water to just cover them, bring to the boil, then turn down the heat and simmer gently for an hour or so. Skim off any froth that forms on the surface. Once cooked, let the liquid cool before straining out the bones. For a more complex flavour, add a knob of butter, a chopped onion, a handful of parsley, a squeeze of lemon juice and a pinch of salt to the bones. Cover with water, add a good splash of wine and cook as before. Add your stock to fish stews, soups and curries or use it for extra depth of flavour in paellas and seafood risottos.  

  • Supplied: Insulated box at -18°C
  • Freezing: Suitable for home freezing, use within 6 months
  • Defrosted: Store between 0 - 5°C and use within 2 - 3 days