Luxury Fish Pie Mix

For comforting classics the whole family will love!
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Get your family around the table with our delicious luxury fish pie mix. A blend of tender, sustainably sourced fish chunks that are ready to throw straight into your homemade fish pies, paellas, stir-fries and seafood pasta dishes.

  • Our luxury fish pie mix consists of only the best parts of the catch
  • Sustainably caught fish that is versatile and easy to use


  • Products are delivered frozen, straight to your door
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Products are delivered frozen.

Luxury Fish Pie Mix (400-450g), Serves 2-6

£6.95 £16.35 per kg


Our luxury fish pie mix consists of the best parts of our sustainably sourced fish. No tail ends, only delicious, succulent fish fillets straight from the nets.

Who doesn’t love a comforting fish pie in a smooth white wine sauce, topped with creamy mash or flaky pastry? Fish pairs beautifully with white wine, garlic and herbs, so whip up a tasty sauce to bring out the delicate flavours from our chunky fish pieces.

Ready prepared for those fuss-free weeknight dinners, you can toss into a seafood linguine, tasty paella or fish curry. Or simply wrap in pastry for bitesize fish parcels that are perfect for your next picnic. However you decide to use our fish pie mix, we are confident that you’ll love the full flavoured, delicate fish that melts in your mouth.

  • Supplied: Insulated box at -18°C
  • Freezing: Suitable for home freezing, use within 6 months
  • Defrosted: Store between 0 - 5°C and use within 2 - 3 days

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