Organic Smoked Salmon

The ultimate al fresco snack!
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Our organic smoked salmon is the ultimate picnic food and is perfect for a delicate lunch or an easy-going dinner. Whether you pair with cream cheese and crackers or enjoy a luxurious breakfast with avocado and eggs, we know you’ll love the fresh, delicious flavour of our organic smoked salmon.

  • Completely organic and sustainable
  • Full of goodness; an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids


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Packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, our organic smoked salmon is a nutritious snack with amazing flavour. As addictive as it is healthy, smoked salmon is perfect for any occasion, whether you enjoy as part of your weekly diet, or as an extra special treat from time to time.

Having friends over for brunch? Serve smoked salmon with a perfectly poached egg and some smashed avocado. Celebrating a special anniversary? Enjoy with bubbles for a decadent champagne breakfast with your loved ones. Or are you planning a summer picnic with the family? Top crackers with cream cheese, smoked salmon and a pinch of dill for the ultimate picnic bite.

Our organic salmon producers, Glenarm Organic Salmon Ltd, are the only Atlantic salmon producers in the Irish Sea. Their unique production standards mean that no medicines or chemicals are used to treat disease or parasites at any time. Glenarm produces fish to the highest welfare and environmental standards and prides themselves on their forward-thinking methods in sustainable salmon rearing.

During the salmon’s life, they are inspected each month to ensure they are disease and parasite free. The excellent health of the salmon is maintained due to their position in a strong current area - swimming against the current helps to build muscles and contributes to their bright orange/pink colour.

Our organic smoked salmon is produced using a bespoke organic sugar and salt cure. Glenarm uses a 100-year old traditional smoking recipe, using a mix of beech and oak chips to achieve the delicious flavour.

  • Supplied: Insulated box at -18°C
  • Freezing: Suitable for home freezing, use within 6 months
  • Defrosted: Store between 0 - 5°C and use within 2 - 3 days

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